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Nikon D5 - In each millisecond, a masterpiece

In each millisecond, a masterpiece - Nikon D5 will be available for rent soon .

Move forward. See opportunities that had previously been invisible. Capture and define them with a clarity that was previously unattainable. With the Nikon D5, you can. Designed for critical moments, the Nikon D5 features a 153-point AF system that acquires subjects rapidly and holds them tightly. Standard sensitivity range is extended to ISO 102400, while delivering stunning image quality at higher sensitivities. An incredibly stable viewfinder image permits confident tracking of moving subjects even during approx. 12-fps continuous shooting with full-time AF and AE, sustainable up to 200 frames. With the Nikon D5, endless potential waits in each millisecond. Go there, and discover your masterpiece.

Nikon D5

● FX format ● 153 AF points ● AF down to -4 EV Dedicated ● AF engine 12 fps with stable VF image ● 100-102400 ISO up to Hi 5 ● 20.8 mega-pixels

● EXPEED 5● 180K-pixel RGB sensor● 4K UHD video● Touch-screen XGA monitor● XQD x 2 or CF x 2● Built-in fast wired LAN● Radio-controlled AWL


● 12 FPS with AF and AE tracking (14 FPS with locked-up in the lab)

● 200-frame buffer at these speeds, even in 14-bit uncompressed raw (with a fast enough card).

● 153 AF points that are rated down to LV -4 (full moonlight on sand).

● Touch Screen

● ISOs to 102,400 as regular ISOs, expandable to ISO 3,276,800 as "HI +5."

● Controls radio slaves.

● 4K video.

● Can shoot stills during video.

● Comes in two versions: either with two CF-card slots or with two XQD slots.


● No exposure MODE button near the shutter release; it's been moved off to the left side of the camera and an ISO button appears in its place.

● No lock on power switch; easy to knock on or off by accident and miss shots.

● Only 20 MP (5,568 x 3,712 pixels native); you still have to buy a D810 for high resolution.

● No auto brightness control for the LCD. The D4s has this.

● Still no full-frame AF; it may have a lot of points, but they're all in the center of the image.

● No Wi-Fi unless you buy something.

● Still no sane replacement of Nikon's idiotic Custom Settings Banks, which has been a core incompetancy of Nikon since they introduced these in 2003. There are no U1, U2, U3 (or C1, C2, C3 or M1, M2, M3 etc.) modes so we can save and recall camera settings. As-is, there is no way to save camera settings immediately; the Custom Banks

As expected, it has more AF points than before, but you can't select them all. You have only 55 selectable points, even if there are a claimed 153 AF points hidden somewhere.

It ships in March 2016 in two versions (CF-card version or XQD-card-version) — but only to those who order it today and get the first ones. If you wait until tomorrow, it may be quite a while until Nikon can make enough of these to fill all the orders for the latecomers. With the Internet, the order que fills within hours.

The genuinely hot and new cameras like this always have people who wait a few days and then can't get them for their summer vacations. With the Internet, the order que fills fast and waiting another day can put you months behind. See How to Get It; never wait to order yours.

Of course get the CF-card version; the XQD-card-version is only for people with an XQD workflow. The only real advantage to XQD is that you can't bend pins — an advantage if you swap cards fast, hard and often.

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