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  • Artist caught using stolen photos for $20,000 Calgary art installation

    Image by Derek Besant via Avenue Calgary

    A public art installation in Calgary has been removed after it came to light that the artist behind it, Derek Michael Besant, used copyrighted photos as part of the project without permission.

    Besant was commissioned by the city of Calgary a couple years ago to create the $20,000 CAD / $15,500 USD art exhibit as part of the city's 4th Street S.W. Underpass Enhancement Project. The resulting exhibit, which was located in the 4th St. S.W. underpass, featured large Polaroid-esque images showing blurred individuals with brief quotes overlaid onto them.

    The individuals in the images were allegedly travelers with whom Besant had interacted in the underpass. Local publication Avenue Calgary reported in 2015 that Besant had spent a couple days in the underpass with "a camera, notepad and recorder" to get images and quotes from people who passed through. However, that lie fell apart after a Calgary traveler noticed that one of the project's images resembled UK comedian Bisha Ali.

    He sent Ali a note about it, at which point she began deconstructing the lie publicly online, pointing out that at least a few of the other images were also portraits of comedians. Ali detailed the entire saga in a long Twitter thread accessible here.

    Late last month, Canadian publication MacLean's unraveled the rest of the story, reporting that the images were swiped from the 2015 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and that the artist had recommended to Calgary Head of Community Services Kurt Hanson that the city take down the exhibition.

    In a tweet on the matter dated November 29th, Ali reported that Calgary was taking down the art installation:

    Source: DP Review

  • Edelkrone beefs up its slider range with new models and a better app

    German video accessories manufacturer Edelkrone has introduced a range of new and updated products to its collection of portable camera sliders. It has upgraded its SliderOne with a SliderOne Pro and introduced a new generation of Wing and Wing Pro models, while the App that controls the SliderOne Pro and the new SurfaceOne has been improved with enhanced timelapse features.

    The SliderOne Pro is 2 inches (~5cm) longer than the original model, and now has a more powerful and accurate motor that can take more weight as well as control its movements more precisely.

    The power of the motor means it can lift more kit at steeper angles, with the company claiming 8lb/3.6kg can be worked at a 45° angle and 4.4lb/2kg can be moved on a vertical incline. The slider itself is lighter than before but can still move kit weighing up to 20lb/9kg on the flat.

    The new app offers greater control over timelapse sequences so that the period between shots can be slowed or quickened during a sequence, and the speed at which the camera is moved can also be varied to create zoom and slowed-time effects.

    The same app is used to control the new SurfaceOne, a motorized camera support that drives across flat surfaces that was released a couple of months ago.

    It is designed to shoot in an arc around a subject and requires only two laser-positioned references for it to circle a subject at a constant distance. The SurfaceOne can work with small or large subjects, and can also be programed to drive the camera in a linear path or to pan outwards to create a panoramic view.

    For those wishing to shift their camera manually, Edelkrone has also introduced a second generation of the Wing and the Wing Pro.

    These elbow-jointed arms allow users to shift the camera in a straight line from side to side or in a zooming motion, just by pushing it. These models use what Edelkrone calls ‘SteadyMove’—a form of adjustable resistance that irons out uneven pushing pressure to create smooth motion in the footage.

    The Wing is the smaller model and can handle up to 16lb/7.2kg, while the Wing Pro can manage 48lb/21.7kg. They both provide 1.3ft/40cm of motion.

    The final new product is the StandOne, which is an all-terrain camera stand with four tensioned adjustable legs that can hold the camera level on uneven ground. The stand folds to a compact size for transporting and can hold 15lb/6.8kg of equipment.

    For more information on any of the new and improved products, visit the Edelkrone website.

    StandOne €170 + VAT
    SliderOne Pro €590 + VAT
    SurfaceOne €1,000 + VAT
    StandOne €170 + VAT
    Wing/Wing Pro €400/700 + VAT

    Source: DP Review

  • Affinity Photo named Best iPad App of 2017, celebrates with 50% off sale

    When Affinity Photo for iPad first launched, it touted itself as a game changer: "the first full blown, truly professional photo editing tool to make its way onto the Apple tablet." And ever since, people (DPReview included) have been confirming that this app is, indeed, a really impressive iPad image editor.

    Well, if you needed just a little more convincing, there's one more data point to consider: Apple just named Affinity Photo for iPad its "Best iPad App of 2017." That's pretty great, and to celebrate the folks at Affinity Photo are hosting a 24-hour flash sale, knocking the price down 50% to just $10 bucks on the iTunes App Store.

    As of this writing, the flash sale will end in 17 hours and 35 minutes, so if you've been considering a solid iPad photo editor, check out our Affinity Photo for iPad review by clicking the big blue button below. Then head over to the Affinity Photo website to learn more or get a copy for yourself.

    Affinity Photo for iPad Review

    Source: DP Review

  • Weekly Photography Challenge – Wide-Angle

    Different lenses produce a different look and effect in your images. Wide-angle lenses add depth and dimension to your images and give them a sense of three-dimensionality. They can be used to add humor and add interest as well. But, you must use a wide-angle lens properly.

    Weekly Photography Challenge – Wide-Angle

    The key to using a wide-angle lens is to get close to your subject. Really close! Not so close that you can’t focus, but close enough to make the subject appear larger than real life.

    Simply upload your shot into the comment field (look for the little camera icon in the Disqus comments section) and they’ll get embedded for us all to see or if you’d prefer, upload them to your favorite photo-sharing site and leave the link to them. Show me your best images in this week’s challenge. Sometimes it takes a while for an image to appear so be patient and try not to post the same image twice.

    Share in the dPS Facebook Group

    You can also share your images in the dPS Facebook group as the challenge is posted there each week as well.

    The post Weekly Photography Challenge – Wide-Angle by Darlene Hildebrandt appeared first on Digital Photography School.

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  • VSCO reveals 'Messages' feature, takes on Instagram's DMs

    VSCO X subscribers and free users alike will soon have access to a new direct messaging feature simply called Messages.

    VSCO announced the feature earlier this week, bringing its app up to speed with Instagram, which has allowed direct messaging for ages. Using VSCO Messages, users can share text, images, DSCOs, profiles, and journal entries directly with other users who follow them. Direct messages can only be sent between followers, and they're joined by the ability to leave a conversation, block the user, and/or report them if necessary.

    VSCO X subscribers are getting access to the feature first, but free users will get Messages in the near future.

    Source: DP Review

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